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Career Counselling
Career Shift specialises in transition and vocational guidance, assisting injured and institutionalised participants to secure meaningful and realistic employment.
Vocational Counselling and Job Readiness Programs
  • Over 20 years of experience transitioning injured, ill and unemployed participants to return to work
  • Career Shift has assisted thousands of people to transition to a model of self-management, independent functioning and sustainable employment
  • Personalised coaching and vocational programs
  • Assist participants to own and plan for a positive and productive career
  • High participation / engagement rates
  • Programs surround participants with a team of transition experts
  • Address institutionalised mindset and barriers through mentoring
  • Holistic coaching including identity, career, health, family and future goals
  • Specialists in new employer placement
  • Employer networks driving return to work outcomes
  • Allied Health team support
Tier 1 Package
  • CV development and cover letter
  • Job readiness coaching
Tier 2 Package
  • Vocational counselling and goal development
  • Career interest profile
  • Transferrable skills assessment
  • Labour market research and industry trend reports
  • Short term training and skill improvement
  • Develop targeted CV and branded application material
  • Address mindset barriers
  • Job readiness and interview coaching
  • Recommendations to employers
Add on Services Available
  • Handpicked employment opportunities
  • Reverse marketing / canvassing for host
  • Negotiate and monitor work placements in new employment


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