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50 years+ of experience in Military Transition and Rehabilitation for medically discharged ADF members
Career Shift is a Comcare Accredited Rehabiliation Provider, tailoring vocational rehabilitation programs for injured ADF members to return to civilian society. Career Shift's philosophy is to provide a superior, personalised service for our clients.

Our intention is to provide Rehabilitation and Vocational Services in a timely, professional manner based on up-to-date market research and trends. As a result, we are recognised as Military Transition & Rehabilitation Specialists by the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) who refer directly to Career Shift so we can guide discharged men and women into the civilian labour market.
Transition To Civvy Street with Experienced Transition and Allied Health Professionals

Career Shift’s experience

Career Shift is a Comcare accredited rehabilitation provider focused specifically on medically discharged ADF members. Career Shift’s steadfast commitment to military transition and rehabilitation of veterans has been recognised by DVA and the ADF, with numerous opportunities to meet with key stakeholders to provide comment and influence change.

Career Shift has facilitated over a thousand return to work programs that have succeeded and converted to employment. Our team understands what the key indicators are that create these successful outcomes. Whilst the result achieved is meaningful and sustainable employment for the veteran, this is the tip of the iceberg of the actual journey that the ADF member undertakes with Career Shift.

The facilitated journey that Career Shift creates is what we can truly claim success for, our unique expertise show respect to veteran’s very personal transition and the impact to their families. Feedback is received from out veterans monthly, which indicates that they feel a bond with our staff, which in turn provides job satisfaction for our team. All of Career Shift’s staff demonstrate encouragement, understanding and belief in our clients and we honour the individual journey for each member.

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