Success Story - Tyler Cotton

Success Story: Tyler Cotton

Tyler has had quite a difficult transition into civilian life after being discharged from the Army. Tyler’s goal was to obtain his forklift licence in the hope he could sustain future employment in an open space facility. Tyler successfully obtained his forklift licence, and to gain experience to be competitive in the labour market, Career Shift have secured a work trial for Tyler with global logistics company QUBE Logistics. Tyler will have the opportunity to work as a Forklift Operator including load and unload pallets, transporting goods to designated areas, navigating warehouses, stickering items, scanning items, and location labels. Additionally, Tyler may also prepare and position machinery for operation, manually wrap a pallet, open & close curtain siders and clean up spills. QUBE Operations Manager advised if Tyler enjoys the work, they will be in a position to offer him employment.

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